Selected publications

Public Policy Papers

Gulrajani, N. and Swiss, L.  (2017) Why do countries become donors? Assessing the drivers and implications of donor proliferation.  ODI Working Paper.  London

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Gulrajani, N. (with A. Brain, and J. Mitchell) (2014)  Enterprise Challenge Funds Topic Guide.  EPS PEAKS, London UK

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Peer-reviewed journal articles

Honig, D. and Gulrajani, N (2017)  “Making good on donors ’ desire to Do Development Differently.:  Third World Quarterly  p. 1-17.  [Journal]  [Article]

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Book chapters

Gulrajani, N. (2012) “Improving Canada’s performance as a bilateral donor: Assessing the past and building for the future” in Brown, S. ed. Struggling for Effectiveness: CIDA and Canadian Foreign Aid.  McGill-Queen’s University Press. [Website]

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Gulrajani, N. (2006) “The Art of Fine Balances: The Challenge of Institutionalizing the Comprehensive Development Framework Inside the World Bank” in Wright, C. and Stone, C. (eds.) The World Bank and Governance: A Decade of Reform and Reaction. Routledge. [Website] [Pre-publication version]